2D GUI HUD Creator (c) 2015 - Something2Play Limited
Current Version 2.01
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2D GUI HUD Creator is a WYSIWYG tool for Indie Game and Application Developers with little or no experience in interface artwork.   It comes packed with a growing library of prefabs that you can add to the workspace, customize and export them to use in your games and applications.  Royalty free!
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Indie Licence
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Indie Pro Licence
For the Single developer.  This licence is for your own game use only.  You may not sell the artwork as an art pack or use it in your clients games.  You are licenced to use the artwork in your games, as long as they are included within a distributed build.
For the Single developer.  This licence enables you to create artwork for your game and also your clients.  Your clients can use the artwork in their games as long as they are aware that it must be included within a distributed build.  They are also licenced to use the artwork, but do not own the IP copyright.
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Educational Licence
For Educational institutions.   This licence gives your students, educators, and staff access to 2D GUI HUD Creator onsite and also at home.  This licence is intended for non- commercial use only. 
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Team Licence
This licence will give your whole team access to 2D GUI HUD Creator giving you the same licence as Indie Pro, but studio wide.
Current Features & Functionality
Text Box
Import to Workspace
Glow Stick
Draw Freehand
Last Draw Eraser
Use your own commercial system fonts to add text to your design.
Import your own transparent images or backgrounds to the workspace.
Create and modify a glowing stick of light to produce a bright foggy effect to any of your designs.
Draw a line with size and palette settings.  (Experimental)
Erase the last line drawn. (Experimental)
Cast a shadow on an artwork element to show the object is floating.
Raise an artwork element to give it depth.
Select a palette option and give it a surrounding glow.
Select a palette option and blend or inherit its properties.
Turn your selected element into a transparent object.
Select a palette option followed by a Filter or Glow effect.
Just some of the items and palette combinations you can create from the growing artwork library that is included:
Export Options
PNG (transparency)  + scale JPG (white background)
Upgrade from version 1.x for FREE version 1 no longer supported.
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News for July 2015 Over the next few updates were switching our development focus to implementing new features and also photo realistic artwork.